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Update: now documenting the better way, Reference., Docker 1 12 2, as described in issue 14513 Update 2: I think this way is even betterworks in Ubuntu 16 04 You can find examples of using Systemd socket activation with Docker , Systemd in the Docker runtime execution options The Docker daemon relies on a.

Is it possible to restart systemd , add remove override any options it gets from the kernel boot command linei e proc cmdline I ve run into the bug with.

Using systemd to control the Docker loaded usr lib systemd system docker the configuration options for the docker process The options are organized.

Docker is an open platform for developers , data center VMs, whether on laptops, run distributed applications, , , the cloud., ship, sysadmins to build

I note that the Docker documentation is gradually moving towards the systemd method of initialisation , hence configuration I m somewhat uncertain how you add.

DOCKER OPTS do not work in config fileetc default docker aetc systemd system rvice d docker can pass inDOCKER OPTS are. Redirecting. Docker options systemd. Click here if you are not redirected.

Customizing docker The Docker systemd unit can be customized by In addition you can export environment variables , use docker client without additional options. Running Docker Containers with Systemd systemd docker works by wrapping the docker command , moving the container process into the cgroup of the systemd

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