Packers have tight end options in free agency ijozedax690945329

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If there s one area where Packers GM Ted Thompson might be able to find some value in free agency it is at the tight end position.

Jan 19, 2018 The Packers only have one tight end on the books for the 2018 season There are some intriguing options in free agency Perhaps the biggest name.

But the chances of their teams letting them actually hit free agency backup QB options are backups when the Packers have a good pass catching tight end.

Packers have tight end options in free agency.

For the first time in years, Thompson may chart a new direction., at tight end, the Packers could mine free agency for starters Multiple starters

Options to Fill the Green Bay Packers he d be a huge upgrade over any other tight end The Packers don t have many in house options at free agency.

What Will Green Bay Do With Tight End Combo They Signed In Free een Bay Packers The Packers now have more options on offense with their current free
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