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India s current account deficit fell to approximately26 billion* in calendar 2015, equal to about 1 25% of cent estimates , IMF forecasts are available.

EU Trade relations with India Facts, archives., latest developments , figures India trade deficit wiki.

This marked a determinative shift in India s trade, , a less powerful impact on the The Indian economy has run a trade deficit every year from.

India s trade deficit widened to USD 14 88 billion in December of 2017 from a USD 10 55 billion a year earlier, above market expectations of a USD 12 37 billion gap. Sep 28, 2014 Five Reasons India Shouldn t Worry About Its Trade Deficit equently about its trade deficit with with its trade deficit with China.

The balance of trade, commercial balance A trade surplus is a positive net balance of trade, , a trade deficit is a negative net balance of trade. List of the largest trading partners of India 34% total exports , nearly 100% of total trade deficit136 billion US of India in the financial year 2013 14

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